During the online qualification round of the 2018 Topcoder Open for Stage 4, we will be awarding a TCO18 Finals trip to the top performer from the Veterans Community. Learn more about our Veterans Community.

How It Works

Every Veterans challenge gives you an opportunity to earn points. Note that you can only earn points once for every challenge.

All successful submissions for each challenge will be awarded 500 points. Each challenge will adhere to the following tier structure:

1st – 3rd Place: 500 points
4th – 10th Place: 350 points
11+: 100 points

Veterans Leaderboard and Prize Schedule

All points earned between May 1 and July 31, 2018 are eligible for the TCO18 trip prize.

TCO Trip Prizes

The Topcoder Veterans Community member with the most leaderboard points at the conclusion of the prize period will win an all-expenses paid trip to the Topcoder Open including airfare, lodging, ground transportation, and certain meals. More prize details will be presented to the winner upon confirmation.

Members may only win one trip to the TCO each year. If the Veterans leaderboard winner has already won a trip to TCO through other Topcoder competitions, the Veterans TCO trip prize will be offered to the next highest point scorer in line.


If there is a tie for first place, all tied members will compete in a final challenge. This challenge will be Veterans-specific and reviewed to determine the winner, who will be awarded the TCO trip.


1,500.00 points 3 challenges
1 BrandonT
1,500.00 points 3 challenges
2 ramil.lim
1,500.00 points 3 challenges
3 jjhampton
1,000.00 points 2 challenges
4 ashtemp
500.00 points 1 challenge
5 chadg1980
500.00 points 1 challenge
6 CameronG
500.00 points 1 challenge
7 dmarchante
500.00 points 1 challenge



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