NowCoder is China’s leading professional platform focusing on programmers’ learning and growing, China’s largest online programming exercises platform and China’s largest technology job forum.

NowCoder provides users with top IT enterprises’ past written examination and interview topics, Authorized electronic version of books and online programming platform. NowCoder also provides online video training to help programmers better prepared for forthcoming entry exams and recommend the best programmers to NowCoder’s cooperating enterprises. NowCoder encourages users to communicate and share their knowledge with other users and make progress together, there are more than one hundred thousand communication posts on the NowCoder forum.

NowCoder also provides enterprise services and provides customized services to enterprises seeking for campus recruiting. NowCoder can help them set up online written examination platform as well as online interview platform, enables the interviewer and interviewee to chat online and do real time coding. If you are a HR and don’t have enough access to job seekers, NowCoder’s One-stop service is undoubtedly your best choice. NowCoder provides all the services from recruitment information release, online resume screening to pick eligible employees through online exams. NowCoder has massive programmer users (more than 1100,000 job seekers) which will ensure the employers can find the greatest employees.

There are more than 100 top enterprises in China using NowCoder’s enterprise services, including Tencent, Netease, Huawei, Baidu, JingDong, Meituan-Dianping, Toutiao, Didi, China Telecom.

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