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On TCO18 Warsaw Lightning Marathon

The Warsaw Lighting Marathon competition featured a task that can be called classical at least by 50%. However, given the scoring…

TCO18 Marathon Round 1 – The Recap

Round 1 of TCO18 Marathon competition was the second round of the qualification to this year finals. The first one being…

A Career at Topcoder: A Senior Designer’s Reflection

In the beginning, the reason I joined Topcoder design was money because challenges offer good prize money. With the skills and…

Throwback: A 2007 TCO Round 2 Problem

With 2018 TCO Round 1 ending on May 3rd, the hype for Round 2 is picking up. In tribute to this,…

Design Month is Back and Better Than Ever!

It’s officially one of our favorite months of the year – May and Design Month! Last year’s inaugural Design Month was…

TCO18 Algorithm Byes Announced!

We are excited to announce the 2018 Topcoder Open Algorithm Competition Byes! These members won an automatic berth into round 2…

TCO18 Stage 2 Winners Announced!

Congratulations to our Stage 2 TCO18 finalists! We’re excited to have a number of newbies on our list and can’t wait…

TCO18 Marathon & Algorithm Competitions Announced

We are excited to announce all the Marathon and Algorithm Competitions details for the 2018 Topcoder Open! You can find everything…

2017 Top 10 Topcoder Open Moments!

In no particular order, check out my top 10 TCO moments from 2017. A few of my favorites! So much fun…

TCO18 Stage 1 Finalists

Congratulations to our TCO 18 Stage 1 Finalists!



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